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Zebra Balance Bike

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  • The unique design of the Zebra Balance Bike can help teach babies and toddlers balance at their own pace
  • Because of the 3 wheel design, the Zebra Balance Bike can help encourage walking, coordination, balance and motor skills
  • Designed with small children in mind, the comfortable saddle will fit any small child and the cushioned handlebars ensure easy grasping
  • With fully enclosed safety wheels so that fingers and toes don't get caught up
  • The anti-skid EVA wheels are silent and durable and therefore suitable for any surface indoors or outdoors
  • In addition, the lightweight PP Plastic frame ensures stability and durability, while being light enough for little ones to carry around themselves
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Size (approx.): (H)40 cm x (W)22 cm x (L)51 cm, (Seat Height: 28 cm)
  • Recommended age: 1 - 2 years
  • Giraffe Balance Bike also available.

Why do parents and children love these Zebra Bikes?
With so many ride-ons in the market place it can be tricky to decide which is the right one to buy. After all, not many parents have the space or desire to welcome too many larger than average toys into their homes. So, we decided we wanted to invest in a ride-on that was more than just a ride-on. Something with character and cuteness that could become a firm favourite with it’s new little owner. These zebra’s can become friendly little companions for your toddler as they find their feet and begin a whole new stage of exploring. What better way to embark on your first adventures than with an adorable little stripey best friend!